World Mission and Home Mission

Our World Mission Team meet together regularly, under the leadership of Rosalyn Reid. They direct our church’s communication with and support of various mission partners around the world.

We aim to give 20% of our (undesignated) income to our mission partners. In 2015 we anticipate this to be about £29,000. Of this sum 30% (£8,600) will be allocated to the Baptist Union’s “Home Mission Fund” which supports strategically significant projects around the UK.

Click here for more information on the Baptist Union Home Mission.

In addition 30% (£8,600) will be allocated to BMS World Mission which is involved in church planting, education, relief and development and health care around the world.

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Our BMS Church Partners are:

Arthur and Louise Brown, with their four children, working at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary and with Hadath Baptist Church in the Lebanon helping many Syrian refugees. They have seen tremendous growth during the year. Arthur along with a team from World Vision and Youth for Christ will be launching The Feast Lebanon. This brings together about 30 young people from various Christian and Muslim traditions to look at peace building. Click for more information.

The Nepal Action Team of Jo, Jenny, Hannah and Meagan visited us here in Lymington in May. They are currently working with Helen Douglas and ask us to pray for the ongoing work at ABBS special needs schools and with Beauty for Ashes, helping vulnerable women. For more information on BMS’ work in Nepal click here. 

The 40% remainder will be divided between the following three mission partners who are serving abroad and whom we have pledged to support directly. All of them have links with Lymington and our church.

A couple with their three young children have been serving in the Middle East, encouraging a small local fellowship with the use of ethnic music in their worship. They recently returned to the UK for a period of rest and recuperation and educational support for their children.

The Hamiltons with their two young children in Indonesia working with Football Plus. They are bringing the good news and transformation to many, using sport as a medium for outreach.

Nigel Hallett has worked in Pakistan for over 30 years, discipling new believers and supporting the local church. He is now seeking a move for the Basis Community into the hills.

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