Getting connected

LBC is a great place to meet other people – whether you’ve wanting to grow in your faith, explore faith or whether you just want to find new friends.

Grace Café

Once a week Grace Café provides an opportunity to enjoy an inexpensive, high quality, two course lunch meal with a whole variety of people who will be delighted to see you and whose company you will enjoy.  All are welcome on a Monday lunchtime so just drop in and join us.

Making Friends

Making Friends is a weekly craft group which is as passionate about creating relationships as it is about creating artwork.

It meets on Wednesdays at 10am.

Social Activities

From time to time we hold a variety of social events which to which all the community are welcome.    These include quiz nights, barn dances, breakfasts and theatre trips.


Clusters are groups of between fifteen and thirty that gather together fortnightly.  These groups help us to work out, with others, how to apply the Bible so that it makes a real, practical difference to the cut and thrust of our everyday lives and to those in our community that the Cluster is seeking to serve.

Clusters are really loose around the edges so it’s easy to join (and easy to leave if it’s not for you!)  These are an excellent way of getting to know others and you would be very welcome.

Lymington Baptist Church Family
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