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Luke 2:21-39

As you look back on 2017 consider some of the spiritual highlights that come to mind.  How have you seen God working in yourself, others, the church, around the world?

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Psalm 23:5-6 (Psalm 23 pt 3)

In this sermon we are introduced to God as a Host preparing not only a lavish feast for His children in this life but a place beyond our imagining to dwell with Him for eternity.  We end this beautiful psalm where we began; with a wonderful assurance of God’s everlasting presence and provision.

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Psalm 23:3-4 (Psalm 23 pt 2)

Where do we find hope, encouragement and comfort as we walk through life’s many dark valleys?  Can we be sure that God’s path is always the best path even when the going gets tough?  This week we explore what it means for God to be our shepherd-guide.

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